Welcome to JUICE BAR

WELCOME TO JUICE BAR: A Multi-Ethnic, Character-Driven Magical Comedy About Our Planet and The Global Quest For Health,

THE FORMAT: A Groundbreaking Multicultural Educational Television Series. Thank you so much for you and your time.  I am so thrilled to share more about Shape Up Us partnering with The Santa Monica Playhouse/ Arts Alliance for Humanity 501c3 non-profit together bringing its health education platform into schools and homes across the planet.

Much in the mold of Children’s Television Workshop’s 1969 creation of “Sesame Street.” Set for distribution in 2021 JUICE BAR will be viewed globally through the Plant Based Network. The ethnically inclusive series brings to life the magic of nature and global health in a colorful, whimsical, comedic ‘pop-culture’ universe, where plants and animals, the world of food science, and a kaleidoscopic cast of characters all converge in what may be one of the most globally needed television series of our time.

We are excited for YOU to join us in the historic 2021 non-profit filming of “JUICE BAR” and the 14 episodes (per season). 

Together we are improving the health of children, families and communities across the planet. 

We are at a turning point in history, when health workers and creative individuals have a tremendous opportunity to come together for one common goal: To uplift our communities into greater human health, wellness, and environmental survival. 

We invite YOU AND YOUR COMPANY to be a central part of the 2021 non-profit filming of “JUICE BAR.” 

We believe that these principles are what every child and parent must become even more aware of, and we believe that together, through positive health-centered media, we can uplift lives around the world. 

Just as the Shape Up US and The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ curriculum are intricately interwoven into the magical storylines and set design of the “JUICE BAR” series, we feel that If you are reading this you are truly meant to be an integral part of this narrative and global watching experience. 

In the spirit of the cultural touchstones “Sesame Street” (1969), and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (1970), we are bringing collective storytelling and laughter into homes, and now our digital devices, to utilize the power of “image” and story to raise human health in a time of tremendous global need. 

We believe that vital companies such as you, can, but must expand, grow, and benefit in order to effectively heal the world. As diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression, anxiety, and other pandemics are, by some estimates, at an all-time high, we have an opportunity now to use the synthesis of pop-culture and health education to restore nature’s balance and health on planet earth. 

We welcome you to the “Amazing World” of “JUICE BAR and SHAPE UP US.
Thanks for being you!
Many blessings!
Obi Ndefo, “Juice Bar” creator/writer
Cara Deptula, “Juice Bar” co-creator/producing team
Jyl Steinback – executive director of Shape Up Us and Creator of the The Hip Hop
Healthy Heart Program for Children™ and Clap4Health™
Arts Alliance for Humanity
Shape Up Us