About the Program

The mission of CHOICE is to empower youth to become leaders of character, vision and action in their communities by challenging their creativity and equipping them with the skills and the motivation to become a CHOICE.

CHOICE is an ideal resource to address the needs of struggling youth. This life-changing experience can benefit a large number of children exposed to gangs, drugs, alcohol, abandonment, neglect, bullying and other community hardships. This intervention program complements the efforts that educational leaders have already put into place in order to reach youth in a comprehensive way!

Conceived and presented by Eric James, M. Ed., the high-energy program addresses the needs of middle and high school students. Comprehensive and curriculum-based, CHOICE aligns to state and national standards while delivering a fun, eye-opening experience that inspires today’s youth to take a journey of self-discovery.

CHOICE offers participants a roadmap for improvement and growth that leads them to a lifetime of enhanced self-esteem. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, to become familiarized with good character traits, to emulate positive role models and to become good citizens with high moral values. This systemic approach uncovers buried potential and provides students with the determination to cease being a product of their circumstances and instead become a CHOICE. Each week in the 10-module program, students are introduced to a new commitment in which they will use standards-based curriculum and activities to master the concepts.

The Curriculum Includes:

(1) COMMITMENT: 5 hours – Goals, dreams, and values.
(2) COURAGE: 5 hours – Peer pressure and gang activity.
(3) HABITS: 5 hours – Time management & planning.
(4) OBSTACLES: 5 hours – Problem solving.
(5) IMAGINE: 5 hours – Dreams, Risk factors, and avoidance skills.
(6) CHARACTER: 5 hours – Understanding your rights and enhancing positive behavior.
(7) EVALUATE: 5 hours – Emotional intelligence and preventive factors.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program, students will:

(1) Understand what it takes to become a person of integrity.
(2) Know the principles involved in making sound decisions.
(3) Apply the processes of moral reflection and reasoning.
(4) Demonstrate respect, empathy, care and concern towards others.
(5) Demonstrate actions that reflect active and responsible citizenry.
(6) Have the desire to accept, initiate and harness change.
(7) Have a sense of bonding and commitment to themselves and the community.

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No one should ever underestimate the resiliency of the human heart. I had the courage to follow my dreams never giving up on myself. Motivation, fortitude, and a strong belief in self are absolutely critical when trying to attain your goals. I am glad to say, ‘I have a CHOICE.