Clap4Health℠Clap4Health℠ is a unique cardiovascular disease and obesity prevention campaign that promotes physical activity through clapping. What could be easier? This program partners the feel-good activity of clapping with dance and exercise to encourage kids to engage in physical movement.

Designed by Shape Up US, Clap4Health℠ is an activity in which anyone can participate. We clap our hands to show happiness and appreciation. Clapping makes us feel good! But did you know, in conjunction with other types of movement like dance and sports, it can improve motor and spatial skills and enhance emotional, sociological, physiological and cognitive benefits.

Download the Clap4Health℠ Fitness Song music MP3

Clap4Health℠ Instructional Video

Thank you to Leslie Hicks and her students from Knox Elementary School for participating in the Clap4Health℠ instructional video!

Download the Clap4Health℠ music MP3
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