KPNX-TV Channel 12 features 8 segments of the Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program!

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The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ is an innovative K-6th grade comprehensive teacher education wellness curriculum that has been created to build a culture of health through our educational system that will transform schools, families and communities. This program has an emphasis on heart health that uses a unique mix of art, music, and positive thinking to motivate children to build a foundation of wellness. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, the program is an innovative solution for bringing wellness and physical education back into America’s schools and into children’s household.

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Module 1: View Video Segment

Meet Doctor Beat©… Your Fascinating Heart

Module 2: View Video Segment

Take Down the Pressure©… Mind/Body/Emotion Techniques TM-Guy

Module 3: View Video Segment

SUPERFOODS©… Nutrition for Great Health Eat-Good-Food-Dudette

Module 4: View Video Segment

Improve Your Groove©… The Many Benefits of Exercise

Module 5: View Video Segment

Grin It, Win It©…Dental Health Means Heart Health The-Tooth-Fairy

Module 6: View Video Segment

Think Hip ‘n Happy©…Positive Thinking for a Healthy Heart Positive-Girl

Module 7: View Video Segment

Money Matters©…First Steps to Financial Freedom Shape-Up-Money-Guy

Module 8: View Video Segment

Join the Green Team©… Teamwork for a Healthy Planet Sustainable-Dude