Ruth Wishengrad a popular, creative children’s singer/songwriter, incorporates neuroscience techniques into her songs to boost self-confidence. Ruth has a Masters in Education and has been teaching, training and mentoring individuals for over 25 years. She believes the biggest challenge children face is clearly and effectively expressing their thoughts and feelings. She has developed a program, Self-Talk Songs, to teach children meaningful tools to build strong self-esteem through fun, infectious melodies, rhythms and movements. Ruth brings creativity, humor and fun to everyday situations and connects with children at a heart to heart level.

Ruth Wishengrad, M.Ed., a resident of Santa Barbara, CA, was an invited speaker on the World-Wide Collaboration in Art Therapy panel at the Creative Arts Therapy conference in Beijing, China in August 2015. The conference was part of a larger conference: The 5th International Psychology Conference of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ruth presented on the practical application of using music and movement to help children with special needs and autism focus and increase their confidence and self-esteem. Ruth was also an invited presenter at the International Conference on Art Therapy – A World of Healing Arts Without Strangers that was held in Hong Kong in May 2016. In the workshop, participants learned a proven step-by-step creative and highly effective approach to support children in their social and emotional growth.

It’s natural for negative thoughts to loop in our head over and over again and even more so for children who learn differently.  Self-Talk Songs flush out negative thoughts with upbeat music and replace the loop with repetitive positive messages, which increases their self-concept, self-respect and self-esteem. The Self-Talk Songs program is based on five foundational elements. These are the building blocks to support individuals as they navigate their thoughts and feelings to express themselves clearly.