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The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ is A World-Class Online Digital Social Emotional “Whole Child” Comprehensive Wellness Literacy Curriculum Resources for In-School & Distant Learning for K-6th grade (mind, body & emotion). We created this program to “Build A Culture of Health” through your educational system & into your school’s e-learning platform and directly into the homes.

The Solution To Lifestyle & Behavior Changes 

Free samples to take a peek: https://shapeupus.org/hip-hop-healthy-heart-program-for-children/take-a-look/

Video: https://shapeupus.org/hip-hop-healthy-heart-program-for-children/

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Hands-on fun means subject retention. The lesson plans, activities and handouts make learning fun.

The materials provided to the teachers with the modules include:

  • Background information for teachers
  • 40 lesson plans
  • Handouts and answer sheets,
  • In-class, at-home and online activities for the students and their families
  • Tests to assess students’ key subject matter retention
  • Certificates of module and program completion for students
  • An accompanying hip hop-style rhyme to summarize the lesson
  • K-3 versions of the materials and 4-6 versions of the materials

Integrated into the existing K-6 curricula of Math, Language Arts, Science, Geography and Social Studies, the program is available nationwide and satisfies the Common Core National Curriculum Standards.

The most comprehensive K-6 wellness program available, the Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ provides the missing links other programs don’t offer. Current wellness programs haven’t succeeded in permanent lifestyle changes. In addition to Nutrition and Fitness, our multidisciplinary music and art format uses all five senses to help children learn and retain the following topics so important for overall health:

  • Positive Thinking Techniques = Positive Self Esteem + Optimism + Positive Self Image
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Creativity Building Techniques for Individuals and Groups
  • Positive Group Dynamic Techniques
  • Critical Thinking Techniques
  • Character Development Techniques
  • Dental Health
  • Parent Education and Sign-off

Where Can the Program be Taught:

  • Elementary Schools
  • After School Programs
  • Home School Programs
  • Summer School
  • Summer Camp Programs
  • City Parks and Recreation Programs
  • Health Club Programs

Who can Teach and Offer the Program:

  • Kindergarten – 6th Grade Teachers
  • Home school instructors
  • Physical Education Instructors
  • Certified Fitness Instructors (ACSM, ACE, AAFA certified instructors)
  • Summer Camp Counselors

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