About the Curriculum

The goal of the partnership is to develop and implement the Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™, a comprehensive wellness program for K-6th grade students.

The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children is a comprehensive teacher education wellness curriculum with an emphasis on heart health that uses a unique mix of art, music, and positive thinking to motivate children to build a foundation of wellness.  Using a multi-disciplinary approach, the program is an innovative solution for bringing wellness and physical education back into schools and into children’s households.

Partners and Resources: The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™

Why Focus On Health and Wellness? Healthy Children Are Better Learners!

The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ is a K-6th grade comprehensive healthy literacy education curriculum (mind, body and emotion) that has been created to “Build A Culture of Health” through our educational system. This program provides an innovative approach to solve many of the greatest problems that face today’s youth, all of which affect academic performance.

The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ A Healthy Literacy Curriculum where Learning Empowers Our Youth and Our Teachers As Our Leaders. This program provides our children with the tools to flourish and be resilient! To guide them to blossom into their full potential (mentally, physically and emotionally). My passion is to change the face of education, as we know it today. Bringing a literacy wellness curriculum into every school K-6th grade.

We are teaching through Personalized Learning by grouping our program K-3 and 4th-6th. This allows each child to learn at their own pace and in their own “Best” way. This program flows from teacher, to student, to family, to community. It provide an on-line curriculum and resources that “Transforms Our Children” through a Train-The-Trainer model that will “Positively” affect ALL who Engage in this program. The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ is the Solution To Lifestyle and Behavioral Changes!


What makes this program unique is that instead of focusing solely on exercise and nutrition, an approach that has been tried repeatedly, the eight modules integrate a full-spectrum of self-discovery and self-esteem techniques in addition to health and wellness information. The techniques include stress reduction, creativity building, positive group dynamics, critical thinking, character development and community involvement. The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ encompasses the “Whole Child”.

The purpose of The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ professional development modules is to increase teacher effectiveness in teaching in Common Core competencies (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving) and bringing back art, music and physical education back into the classroom through core curriculum, This program flows from teacher, to student, to family, to community.

This program can be implemented five different ways: Classroom Teacher, PE and Wellness Coaches, After-School Programs, Camps and Train 8 Teachers – Teach the Parents

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The eight web-based modules, which are delivered on demand to teachers, are:

Each Module has 4-7 Units – Each Unit has 2-3 Lessons

Each Lesson has 2 to 3 Activities – 1 Core Lesson and 2 Enrichment Lessons

Module 1: Meet Doctor Beat Your Fascinating Heart
Module 2: Take Down the PressureMind/Body/Emotion Techniques
Module 3: SUPERFOODS! Nutrition for Great Health

  • PLANT POWER! – Plant-Based Nutrition for Healthy Kids
  • Bonus Unit: Water Power!
  • Bonus Unit: Mineral Power!

Module 4: Improve Your Groove The Many Benefits of Exercise

  • Clap4Heath!SM
  • Kids Yoga

Module 5: Grin It, Win It Dental Health Means Heart Health
Module 6: Think Hip ‘n Happy Positive Thinking for a Healthy Heart

  • Bonus Unit: “The Power of Your Word”
  • Bullying
  • Pet Power

Module 7: Money Matters First Steps to Financial Freedom
Module 8: Join the Green TeamTeamwork for a Healthy Planet

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Shape-Up-Beats-GirlTM-GuyShape-Up-Money-GuyShape-Up-Beats-GuySustainable-DudePositive-GirlEat-Good-Food-DudetteThe-Tooth-FairyShape-Up-Bear Shape-Up-Nash Shape-Up-HandicapGirl Shape-Up-Genius