Shape Up US promotes healthy living through Awareness!

It is Shape Up US’ belief that by providing the most up-to-date wellness information and education to children, families and educators, we create wellness awareness and leadership that empowers individuals, educational organizations, and businesses to collaborate to create wellness support networks that provide positive solutions for leading healthier, happier lives.

Shape Up US Health and Wellness Expos are free live events that get thousands of participants on-board the wellness bandwagon. To further promote healthy lifestyles and prevent the emergence of chronic disease, Shape Up US partners with host communities to provide these fun-filled days that broaden people’s understanding on their health, healthy activities and ways to prevent future health problems and diseases. Between 5,000 and 10,000 people attend each event.

What the Research Shows

Research has captured how healthy lifestyle events, particularly those that are free to the public, are an important part of addressing obesity. In 2012, researchers in Somerville, Massachusetts found a comprehensive approach including in-school intervention and community health fairs reduced the body mass index (BMI) of children at risk of obesity. Free-to-the-public health fairs are particularly helpful for lower income and underserved populations. A 2010 report in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health stated that among community-based interventions, health fairs are a “vital source” of health education and resources for medically underserved groups. The researchers noted particular success when these events were connected with non-profit and educational organizations in the community—filling an important gap for many without adequate access to health care information.

Shape Up US provides similar support for our communities by bringing access to wellness-related resources, businesses, educational and non-profit organizations directly to the public.

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