Dizzie Ramsey

DIZZIE RAMSEY is a Arizona Local Celebrity!! This guy is everywhere and great at everything! Just to scratch the surface on Ramsey, he Has worked with the Phoenix Suns for the last 10 years including 3 years with the Phoenix Mercury. He was the original Solar Squad member that help create the energy in the upper level during the games. Dancer, emcee, face of Verve, DJ, he is all over the arena! Going back past NBA Ramsey worked for Radio Disney 158O as a performer emcee, DJ, & host. In the corporate world Dizzie Ramsey has also managed the launch of Hundreds of product campaigns from Microsoft Zune, Vitamin Water to the Buick Enclave and many many others! Not to mention he also runs his own small business providing entertainment staffing for all types of events!! AND still able to stop and help feed the homeless, or donate his time to Non-profit organizations. His Joy of life is contagious, you cant help but to smile when around him & you just want to be around him all the time!! He provides fun for kids of all ages from 1-101. Just an awesome balloon artist, host, DJ, dancer, stilt walker, Emcee…and over all ENTERTAINER all rolled in to one phenomenal guy!