Module 2 (K-3): Take Down the Pressure! Mind, Body and Emotion Techniques

Take Down the Pressure! Mind, Body, and Emotion Techniques provides information, activities and skill-building experiences to help students learn more about how to deal with stress effectively, how to set realistic expectations for themselves and how to take care of themselves.

Bonus Unit Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a safe, effective and low cost way to treat acute medical problems. Homeopathy is particularly indicated for conditions like colds and flu, burns or bladder infection, but finding the right remedy can be a problem for those unfamiliar with the process of prescribing homeopathic remedies. A new program, Homeopathic House Call, solves that problem. The program asks you questions about the symptoms of the condition and then suggests the remedies most suited to your answers. Check out this link and try a free trial session.

Dr. Maryann Ivons