Combat America’s Obesity Epidemic

Shape Up US provides teachers, children, parents and communities at large with educational tools to create healthy, lifelong habits to improve their overall wellness. With a focus on cardiovascular health, physical exercise, nutrition, and mental and emotional well-being, we accomplish our mission of building healthy futures for our children through a three-pronged approach of AWARENESS! EDUCATION! ACTION!

Shape Up Us Health and Wellness Expos are leading a national movement to improve the health of our communities by stemming the tide of heart disease and obesity by educating communities on healthy eating and living.  Shape Up Us expos have been hosted in dozens of cities throughout the nation going back to 2009.  Each Health & Wellness Expo is designed to promote mind and body wellness, create awareness and educate the public about the prevention of heart disease, all while providing a day of fun for the entire family.  As a featured attraction at the expos, Shape Up Us has partnered with Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course throughout the US.  They are for youth ages 5-17. Participants will run, jump, crawl, climb, and swing for approximately 1mile through signature obstacles.