What Leaders Are Saying

The leading cause of health care problems is children growing up without love but with the opposite; indifference, rejection and abuse. When children know you care and that they are worth loving they begin to love and care for themselves and not seek revenge and self-destruction. When they feel inspired they are open to learning and using the information available to them regarding healthy living both physically and emotionally. Jyl Steinback’s program can accomplish this and provide every child with what they need to live a healthy and joyful life. When you live in your heart magic happens and when your heart makes up your mind life becomes an empowering and joyful experience from which everyone benefits. ~Bernie Siegel, MD

Shape Up US is AWESOME. Hopefully one day, each and every human being (soul) will get that it’s truly about developing good habits and healing from the inside out. It affects everything, how we treat ourselves, others – how we handle or don’t handle our emotions…The true mission appears (to me, and I could be mistaken) much, much deeper than what most see on the outside. Keep up the great work! Be Well, Chad Lakridis